What is ADSL Broadband?   What is an ADSL line?
What do I need for it?

ADSL Broadband is a technology which is used to connect you to the Internet from your home or office, making use of the ordinary copper Telkom phone line that you have running to your premises. This type of connection is referred to as "always on" as your computers are always connected to the Internet, as opposed to dial-up where you are only connected when you dial into your ISP. Another advantage of this is that you can use your telephone at the same time as you are on the Internet using your ADSL.

Physically there is no ADSL "Line" as such. What happens is your telephone signal and your ADSL signal are combined at the exchange and transmitted to you over the same copper wire. At your premises you will connect a small box called a filter which splits the combined signal between your telephone and your ADSL router. ADSL can only be added to a post-paid Telkom phone line (not to pre-paid phone lines).